VTX Medicine Ball Set and Accessory Set


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VTX Medicine Ball Set and Accessory Set

The VTX Medicine Ball Set and Core Strength Accessories Pack offers a wide array of conditioning tools along with a lot of storage and organization. However, it is also designed to be optimal for compact fitness facilities and limited spaces. The dual-sided rack can store all of the included fitness essentials such as stability balls, medicine balls, ab crunch mats, foam rollers, exercise bands and club exercise mats.

A premium acrylic panel adds a premium touch while functionally storing the resistance bands, so this rack brings added conveniences.

This set is great for any commercial or community gym, although all of the included acessories are essential for anyone, and is a great addition to any home gym.

This package includes the following items:

Large Accessories Rack

The accessory rack is constructed from a steel frame finished in a durable silver powder coating, which makes it tough enough to withstand daily use in home gyms, schools, college gyms, and commercial fitness centers, so it looks great anywhere.


Stability Balls set of 3

The VTX Stability Balls are essential for sculpting rock-hard abs, but also improving flexibility, muscle regeneration and overall conditioning. Made with durable, anti-burst materials that can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight, so you can use with confidence. The set is ideal for workouts such as dynamic planks, core-stabilizers, knee tucks, and glute bridges, etc. The stability balls included are:

    • 1 x blue - diameter of 55cm
    • 1 x red - diameter of 65cm
    • 1 x silver - diameter of 75cm

Medicine Balls set of 6

Build your core body strength throughout the range of motion with our new VTX functional training balls. The rugged, rubberized shells are thicker, making them ideal for forcibly bouncing on a hard surface floor, throwing against a solid wall. Each ball has a finely textured surface for a sure, reliable grip while handling so you can speed up your conditioning. The medicine ball set includes:

    • 4 b - Green Diameter: 17.8cm
    • 6 lb - Yellow Diameter: 22.8cm
    • 8 lb - Red Diameter: 22.8cm
    • 10 lb - Orange Diameter: 22.8cm
    • 12 lb - Purple Diameter: 22.8cm
    • 15 lb - Blue Diameter: 27.5cm

Three Exercise Mats

The VTX Hanging Club Mats are a must have for comfortable and safe floor-based exercises. Designed with a thick foam padding (3/5"), these club mats provide a base that is soft yet stable. The foam base composition also makes these mats odor-free and moisture resistant, allowing users to simply wipe down the mat after a hard workout.

Two Foam Rollers

The VTX recovery foam roller features a carefully designed protrusions that provide firm yet flexible pressure points that relieve the toughest muscle knots and aches, while still being comfortable. The rollers are an essential part of pre and post workout recovery.

Two Ad Mats

The VTX abdominal exercise mat is a foundational accessory for all fitness levels, lengthening abdominal muscles and providing comfort and stability to the pelvis and lower spine. The full-range motion during training specifically targets core muscles while taking stress off the hip flexors; this results in efficient training of major abdominal and lower back muscles.

Covered Resistance Band set

The 5-band VTX Resistance Tube set will elevate your functional resistance routine, but give you confidence. The bands feature a premium nylon sleeve to protect from daily usage and provide maximum safety and durability, delivering superior safety compared to traditional tube bands. Available in 5 different color coded resistances with two easy-grip soft foam covered handles. The resistance bands included are:

    • GVCT-UL -  Orange - Ultra Light Resistance
    • GVCT-L - Green - Light Resistance
    • GVCT-M -  Red - Medium Resistance
    • GVCT-H - Blue - Heavy Resistance
    • GVCT-UH - Purple - Ultra Heavy Resistance

Dimensions: 76.5" H x 61.3" L x 28" W

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