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Inside/Door side Delivery
Inside/Door side Delivery to residences. When you would like additional assistance in bringing your freight from the curb, up close to the house or inside the garage, we can offer this service at an additional cost in circumstances when, in our judgement, we think the carrier will agree to provide it. If you would like to receive this service, please feel free to add it to your cart, and a GymGearDirect representative will contact you to discuss the particulars of your location to determine if the service can be provided. If we determine the carrier will not provide it, we will refund the cost of this service. PLEASE READ: Inside Delivery refers only to the garage, and only where the garage is accessible to the driver rolling up to thousands of pounds of freight on a forklift over a relatively flat surface to reach the garage. All other applications of this service would be Door side.  ADDITIONAL NOTES: When freight is delivered to a residential address, inside delivery involves the carrier moving the pallet to the residence end of the driveway, porch, or *inside* the garage. Drivers will not take freight inside the living areas of a home, or pass through any other door.  It is important to note that many or most carriers have policies prohibiting drivers from even attempting in-home delivery (or pick-up). This policy is to avoid complaints that the driver tracked in mud, damaged walls or doors, and the like. Additionally, there are potential freight liability issues if an accident or injury occurs inside.  When carriers are willing to deliver 'inside' please bear in mind these restrictions: The opening must be wide enough to accommodate the pallet width (40" or 48") If your delivery is to a garage, the driveway must be relatively flat and/or not too much of an incline, e.g., such that it would cause the merchandise to fall or become unstable. And it can't have a significant threshold of any kind from the driveway into the garage. In other words, the transition from driveway to garage must be free enough of thresholds so that a pallet jack can roll smoothly into the garage without obstruction. Final note: It is in each party’s best interest that the freight simply is delivered to the garage from a flat driveway, or a convenient outdoor location (also by way of flat surfaces) beside the house that does not involve steps or stairs, as delivery personnel will refuse to climb stairs with heavy freight. Planning for this is imperative when your freight is delivered to a residence, or you could potentially face delays or have to make redelivery. If you can not meet these restrictions, which are imposed on us by carriers, we recommend you do not choose this extra service, and instead purchase the normal curbside freight delivery, which more than 95% of our customers use.
Weight stack machine assembly and installation service
Weight stack machine assembly and installation service
This service includes the assembly and installation of any weight stack machine at your location, subject to availability in your area.
Liftgate Delivery - Gym Gear Direct
Liftgate Delivery
HEAVY FREIGHT SHIPMENT Some items we sell are too large or too heavy to ship using a small parcel carrier, therefore the best and most efficient option is to ship using a common carrier. Booking the liftgate serviceLiftgate delivery means that the driver will bring the item(s) to the liftgate of the truck for you to unload. You must be available to take the item(s) from there. Bear in mind that some items are heavy so make sure you have someone available to help if needed. You can opt for a liftgate delivery to lower the item/items to the ground for an additional $25.00. Our free delivery is for dock to dock or curbside deliveries only.