Bicep and Tricep Machine

Bicep and Tricep Machine


Bicep and Tricep Machine

Let’s talk about the biceps, which are the most noticeable part of a bodybuilder or frequent exerciser’s physique. A man's well-developed, muscular biceps are the epitome of masculinity. Biceps with shape and tone are among the most attractive attributes anyone could have.


Bicep curl

The training equipment you utilize must be your top priority if you want to maximize the size of your biceps. Poor outcomes and less-than-expected results could follow from performing multiple sets of barbell and dumbbell movements at less than maximal intensity. But it is possible to achieve exceptional results by using the newest biceps equipment technology offered by bicep curl machines.


Bicep curl machine

Some of these bicep curl machines are configured with a dual motion that also works the triceps. A dual-action machine is referred to as just that, a dual bicep and tricep machine.


Dual Bicep and Tricep Machine

A dual bicep and tricep curl machine targets multiple muscles on your arms, specifically your biceps and triceps.

For biceps, you have both the small head and long head, both give the definition of your biceps. The short head will make your arms look bigger while the long head is for strength and aesthetics as we mentioned above.


Long head bicep growth

Similar to the biceps, the triceps have 3 heads, the long head that is hidden inside the arms, the lateral head which is the opposite of the long head, and finally the medial head that is in the middle of the two heads.

Having a balanced bicep and tricep is key to having well-defined arms, and being able to focus on these muscle groups with just one machine allows not only for economy of space but also a more efficient workout.

Strong women are sexy women

How to use the Bicep and Tricep Curl Machine?


  1. For the bicep curl, you must adjust the handle at the bicep curl selection.
  2. Adjust the seat post depending on your height.
  3. Pick your preferred weight, but not too light and not too heavy; the right weight where you find the exercise challenging at the last 2-3 reps.
  4. Grab the handle depending on your workout. If you're working out your short head you would want to hold the handle with a wide grip and a close grip if working the long head.
  5. Lay your arms flat on the surface as you’re holding the handle, then start working your biceps and get that pump.
  6. Make sure you control the weight in both the up motion as well as the lowering motion.


  1. For the triceps, adjust the handle for the triceps selection.
  2. Pick the appropriate weight that you need, but not too heavy and not too light. Pick the weight that will make your workout intense.
  3. Grab the handle and then push it down until your arms are fully extended, so that your triceps will be the main focus instead of other muscles.
  4. Make sure you are fully extending as that last inch will really flex the tricep muscle.

Bicep and Tricep Machine Exercises:

  • Seated bicep curl
  • Single-arm bicep curl
  • Standing bicep curl
  • Concentration bicep curl
  • Double arm tricep extension
  • Single-arm tricep extension

The TKO Achieve Dual Bicep and Tricep Machine

At Gym Gear Direct, we offer the TKO Achieve Dual Bicep Curl / Tricep Extension machine that targets a combination of movements in a compact space that includes: bicep curls, tricep extensions, and more.

Bicep tricep curl machine

A multi-position seat pad and multi-grips allow this machine to accommodate a wide range of users.

The TKO bicep and tricep curl machine is ideal for commercial facilities and institutional gyms, especially open-to-the-public membership gyms, college and professional athletic teams, as well as large government or corporate fitness centers, among others.

All TKO Achieve Dual machines are manufactured to the highest quality using some of the most premium materials available, and consequently, these dual-purpose machines can withstand high-traffic gyms and facilities.

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