100 lb Dumbbells

100 lb Dumbbells

Why Have 100 lb Dumbbells?

100 lb Dumbbells
100 lb Dumbbell Pair

100 lb Dumbbells (100 lb set available here) are a great weight for high strength individuals for whom a 5-75 lb set simply is not enough, and need at last one ultra heavy pair to perform their most challenging exercises.

Although commercial facilities that have runs of dumbbells increasing incrementally in five pound jumps all the way up to 100 lbs, 125 lbs, or even 150 lbs and occasionally more, the fact is that for the typical high-strength weightlifter working out at home, 5-pound jumps become less necessary as you climb the weight scale. After all, 5 pounds adjustment from, say, 90 lb dumbbells is much less of a percentage difference than it is from 20 pounder.

Once you get over 75 lb pairs of dumbbells, you’ll often find you don’t need to continue to have 5 pound jumps in dumbbells since most of the exercises you still will do can be under 150 lbs, utilizing a pair of 75s. But for those power exercises such as bench press and military press or dumbbell squats, you’ll often strive for bigger gains.

So it’s sometimes advisable to make the jump to a pair of 100 lb dumbbells, and if you just buy a pair of 100 lb dumbbells to go with a set of 5 lbs to 50 lbs, or, more likely a 5lb to 75 lbs set, you may find that is all you need.


Cost Savings of 100 lb Dumbbells

And that’s before even mentioning the enormous financial savings you can realize from skipping many of those heavier sizes in the climb up the weight scale. But that’s certainly an enormous factor that can’t be overlooked, because every pair costs increasingly more than the lighter one before it. Read more about buying pairs here.

If that’s you, and you want to get as much versatility as possible per dollar to really stretch your budget without depriving yourself of the 100 lb dumbbells you really need, this is the best approach. And it’s worth working with a reputable store that can customize your dumbbell set to your exact size specifications, so you don’t spend money on things you don’t need.

 Troy 100 lb Dumbbell

Troy 12 sided Urethane Dumbbell


Recommendations for Buying Heavy Dumbbells

There are numerous ways to approach buying dumbbells 100 lb Dumbbells for the 100 lb pairs you need, but generally speaking, I’d recommend getting a lightweight set with all the 5 pound jumps, then one heavy pair about 25% - 40% heavier than the heaviest of the basic set for their heaviest work.

For example, someone who buys a 5 lb to 30 lb set, might do well to skip the 35 lbs pair and go up to a 40 lbs pair. And someone who has, say, a 5 lbs to 50 lbs main set, would want to look at an extra pair of 65 lb or 70 lb.

100 lb dumbbells, by the same token, are an ultra-heavy set recommended for people who otherwise are going to be able to do most of their exercises with a 5 lb to 75 lb set. And that pair of 100 lb dumbbells will get you to that ultra heavy peak needed for the biggest overall strength gains. And it will help you get there without breaking the bank or spending loads of money on the four pairs from 80 lbs to 95 lbs, saving you a thousand dollars or two. We discuss the cost of dumbbells here.



While it certainly can be nice to have every available size of dumbbells in pairs, it’s often not practical, financially speaking to have every available size. By getting just one pair of 100 lb dumbbells to go with a 5 lb to 75 lb set, it can help you avoid having your home gym of dumbbells break the bank or cost as much as a used car, in the upper 4 digit sphere. It’s far better