What is the Best Vertical Dumbbell Rack?

What is the Best Vertical Dumbbell Rack?


Space Utilization

The vertical dumbbell rack, is both a mainstay of compact, city-center commercial gyms around the world, and it’s also one of the most common type of dumbbell storage racks used in home gyms. Why? The answer in the majority of cases is simple: space efficiency. Utilizing the space above the compact dumbbell rack’s base in a vertical array rather than a horizontal, multi-tier rack on a shelf, rails or saddles, is the epitome of space efficiency. It makes it simple for people to have a proper run of real dumbbells of varying sizes that take up no more floor space than a pair of adjustable dumbbells, sometimes even less. So with a vertical rack, of dumbbells, the argument that space constrained people should buy adjust dumbbells to limit their consumption of space, is less valid.

eight pair vertical dumbbell rack


There are other reasons. For one, they are generally designed to hold between only five pairs and 13 pairs, but eight pairs or ten pairs will be the most common, so they tend to be bought in complete dumbbell sets for average people, rather than hardcore gym goers who need dumbbell sets reaching 100 or 150 pound per dumbbell. A 5-50 pair set is a very common array for average users because it works well on a vertical dumbbell rack without overloading it, and it tends to be a lot more affordable than sets going up to 75 lbs.

Another reason they are so popular is that they often just look great, and for most people who aren’t interested in building full home gyms, but need some dumbbells to work out with at home, a nicely designed vertical dumbbell rack can blend in with the furniture without creating an eyesore in the living room or recreation room among your other household furnishings.

Numerous Designs

The world of dumbbell racks isn’t exactly known for designs of extraordinary industrial beauty. iPhones and designer pizza ovens, these are not. Nevertheless, what you can count on is finding sturdy, reliable, and even attractive interpretations of how a vertical dumbbell rack should be designed and used, often with thoughtful consideration given to aesthetic form as well as athletic function . . . and convenience too.

With just the right angle and positioning of the dumbbell handle collars, a well designed vertical dumbbell rack can make all the difference in the speed and efficiency of a workout and enhance your overall productivity going through a dumbbell based workout session.

Vertical rack by TKO   vertical rack with 10 pairs of dumbbells

Ideal For Home Users

But it’s also important for those of you who only intend to workout at home to think about how you will work out with - and live with dumbbells in your home. After all they will become like a car—something of a utilitarian necessity in your life, and something you will (hopefully) use regularly, but also something you’re kind of stuck with, an item you can’t or won’t get rid of easily, so it is a commitment, and for that reason, it is recommended that you do give some consideration to aesthetics and not look at the dumbbell set you buy as strictly utilitarian. You’ll be living with this set a long time, so you might as well have something nice, and a vertical rack can go a long way toward ensuring you have something you will be proud of and happy with for years to come.

stylish vertical dumbbell rack

We find that many home users of dumbbell sets just want to have dumbbells and a bench to sit on while they use them, and not much more than that. Not everyone needs to have a power cage or multifunction trainer. Most people who have dumbbells at home have no intention of building a home gym. Many find a full gym unnecessary, intimidating, or just too expensive. Physical fitness that addresses both cardiovascular needs as well as strength training needs can easily be achieved with just a set of dumbbells and a bench, so when a full home gym seems too much, it can be a very good idea to just buy a dumbbell set with an attractive and well-designed vertical dumbbell rack, get a bench, and consider yourself all set.

 complete set of dumbbells on a vertical rack


A vertical dumbbell rack is the choice of more home gym users than any other type of dumbbell rack. While it won’t suit everyone, or hardcore weightlifters needing sets that reach 75 lbs and up, it’s an ideal choice because of the combination of space efficiency, affordability and more often than not, a nice design that makes your set very livable.