Troy Urethane Dumbbells - Commercial 12-sided

Troy Urethane Dumbbells - Commercial 12-sided

Troy Urethane Dumbbells


Troy urethane dumbbells are one of the most exceptional brands of commercial grade dumbbells on the market today. They are uniquely stylish with a patented, alternating length 12-sided design, rather than using twelve symmetrical sides of the same length. That design gives it the kind of character and attractiveness that make Troy urethane dumbbells stand out in a commercial gym looking to maintain a discerning and demanding membership of users who demand access to top-flight gear

Troy urethane dumbbells

But with these dumbbells, it’s not only the good looks that gym owners and facility managers love; it is still a case of a product that exhibits function over form in every possible way. These are best in class polyurethane dumbbells that represent the pinnacle of commercial grade excellence and durability owing to its unmatched structural integrity from the factory floor to the commercial health and fitness club. And in these demanding environments, they will last, so commercial gyms and other institutions can expect Troy urethane dumbbells to prove them with many years, even decades of maintenance-free service.

5 lb to 100 lb Troy urethane dumbbell set


These dumbbells are best suited for a wide variety of facilities that demand commercial grade performance, but especially where strength training is a core component of an organization’s mission, such as military, law enforcement, college and professional athletic organizations, and especially high-end membership gyms.

bicep curl with troy urethane dumbbells

Urethane dumbbells in the commercial grade category essentially just an alternative and often preferable way to outfit a commercial gym, compared to, say, pro-style dumbbells. Almost everyone loves and admires the look and durability of pro-style dumbbells, but let’s face it: they aren’t meant to be dropped. Troy’s urethane dumbbells have all the benefits and durability of pro style, but also the benefits of rubber, yet without any smell, even the feint smell of virgin rubber. The polyurethane encasing gives that added protection to the floor for the times when users need to drop their dumbbells from short distances.

Troy urethane dumbbells are durable and will last for years

An Investment

Troy urethane dumbbells aren’t cheap, but they are an investment. An investment in the future of your business, which depends upon the happiness of your users, and that comes from them knowing they are using the best equipment available to them.

So if you’re looking for a dumbbells set for your facility that not only provides commercial grade durability, but great aesthetics, you owe it to yourself to consider Troy Urethane dumbbells, the 12-sided strength conditioning work of art that is truly best in class.

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