245lb Troy Black Cast Iron Wide Rim Olympic Plates with Multiple Bars


245lb Troy Black Cast Iron Wide Rim Olympic Plates with Multiple Bars

Product description

245lb Troy Black Cast Iron Wide Rim Olympic Plates with Multiple Bars

Our unique combination of Troy black cast iron deep dish wide rim Olympic plates have been combined with a full set of bars to give you a complete workout.

Olympic Plates

Our Troy high-grade fully-machined plates are finished with a rich baked Hammertone Gray enamel paint and have been manufactured from ASTM Grade 20 cast iron. All our Olympic plates have been designed to fit on all 2” bars and shafts that come with this combination. The deep-dish rim design allows easy handling.

These Olympic plates are machined on rims, side, back and center to maintain a 2% accuracy level, plus or minus.

Plates included in this set are:

  • 2 x 2.5lb
  • 2 x 5lb
  • 2 x 10lb
  • 2 x 25lb
  • 2 x 35lb
  • 2 x 45lb

Olympic Bar

Our best 7’ international, “beater” bar has a large 32 mm shaft, giving it a tensile strength equal to that of a much more expensive power bar. Bronze bushings allow it to spin freely, making it ideal for Olympic lifts such as deadlifts, cleans, and snatches. Each end is secured by dual snap rings, a feature often found on the highest performing Olympic bars. The entire bar (sleeves included) is coated with hard chrome, flake-free finish. This bar (with spring collars) weighs in at 45lb.

Bar Dims:
Overall Length - 86"
Inside Shaft Length - 51.0"
Loadable Sleeve Length - 16.0”
Shaft Diameter - 32mm

Tensile Strength – 140,000 P.S.I.
Shaft & Sleeve Finish - Hard Chrome
Knurling - Light
Bushings - Bronze
Sleeves Attached - Dual Snap Ring
Center Knurling - NONE
Weight - 44lbs (20 kilos)

Olympic Tricep Bar

Our 34” Olympic triceps bar is designed specifically for maximum concentration of those hard-to-hit triceps muscles. This unique design allows unrestricted arm movement and eliminates discomfort to elbows, forearms, and wrists.

Olympic Curl Bar

Our quality 47” Olympic curl bar is designed to increase upper arm mass, strength, and definition through the isolation of the biceps and forearm muscles. A tighter bar to sleeve tolerance reduces bar noise often associated with other like bars and creates a smoother rotation. A consistent medium diamond knurl gives users a comfortable, secure grip.

Olympic Hex Bar

The spacious diamond design of our hex bar allows it to accommodate virtually any user. It is more efficient for deadlifts and shoulder shrugs than a traditional barbell because the weight being lifted is transferred to knees and thighs rather than hips and lower back, thereby reducing stress to those areas and preventing injury. The high weight capacity makes it a good choice for lighter institutional settings or heavy-duty home use. 

Land Mine

Offering a 360-degree rotational pivot provides the ability to perform rotational exercises. Using any Troy, VTX or USA Olympic bar and bumper plates the VTX landmine is the perfect portable piece to take your workouts to a new level.

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